Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know In 2019

Post Date: August 7, 2019   Tags: ,    Author: texol  
top 10 digital marketing tools for 2019

Technology gets better by leaps and bounds; and it is crucial for organizations to embrace latest trends to remain on top. This is true with digital marketing too. Just as everyone agrees digital marketing can have a significant influence on the revenue for any business. With the new trends and developments, there has been a major shift in the way business use online marketing tools. The point in fact lies not in implementing the marketing strategies, but lies in the utilization of latest tools and technology stack, helping you stand out from your competitors. Taking your digital marketing to next level is crucial. Here we talk over some online marketing tools you should be aware in 2019.

1. Canva

Wouldn’t it be great to integrate visual marketing into your marketing strategy? Yes! Visual marketing has the power to penetrate into people’s mind easily and is the best way to connect potential customers to your business. As it influence your brain to retain what you see and what you read, there is no wonder visual marketing has become a major marketing platform to be included in your online strategy. Canva allows marketers to develop images from the beginning, where they can take advantage of photo filters, develop text, designs or background images, all these with an easy drag and drop technology – making it easy as possible as it can get. With all the exceptional features and options that prompts even a novice user to develop images, Canva is certainly the tool you can watch out for in the year 2019.

2. Google Keyword Planner

If you are publishing the content and not ranking on the first page of the search engine, then it means you are doing something wrong. It has something to do with the keyword research. Writing quality content is important, at the same time it need to be properly optimized with the right keywords. Google Keyword Planner allows you to explore keywords and keyword ideas and how it perform. These keywords can be places into your content for SEO and for your AdWords and Social media campaigns.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics, the popular analytics tool is in fact a true guide to your digital marketing journey. This free web analytics tool from Google helps you analyze website traffic. It records activities of users when they visited site along with various other information such as age, gender of those users. Also it provides information about the marketing mediums that are effective in terms of leads, conversions and downloads. It is such a wonderful tool that provides a detailed insight on where your website stands now and heading towards.

4. ConvertKit

Spending time on sending emails daily to different subscribers is intimidating. It would be nice to have the process automated, and convert kit is here to help you. ConvertKit is an effortless email-marketing automation tool to help you create landing pages and sign up forms with excellent templates. It helps business to grow audience. With so many features embedded, this powerful automation tool will help you build a custom path connecting events and actions.

5. EngageBay

Simplifying business process is all that matters in the end. With the business functions becoming more complex now, there are tools available to make it simpler and easier. EngageBay is such a tool that is designed to provide seamless customer experience. Integrated with various marketing tools such as email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email marketing, landing page builder, lead generation tools social suite and more into one platform, this business tool is designed to take your business to next level. Finally, it is a complete business tool to save time and investment through automating various functions.

6. pCloud

As far as a business is concerned, its data is more valuable than anything else. There requires a reliable data storage solution to store important files and documents online. Cloud storage is the answer to your needs. pCloud is a cloud storage platform with many useful functions that allows you to organize and store files and folders. It allows people to access files or folders on any device and helps to work together on projects, back up information and stream music and videos. pCloud is becoming a favorite cloud storage option to top companies as it seamlessly allow to store projects and team members coordinate with each other.

7. Ubersuggest

Never confuse too much to get the relevant keywords to drive your SEO. Ubersuggest is here to help you. It makes you understand the marketing strategies that works for others, so that you can adopt them and apply in yours. You can explore organic keyword phrases that works well for your competitor site, which ones are liked by social media accounts like Facebook, twitter etc… numerous keyword suggestions and generate a list of keywords based on what people are typing, and Ubersuggest is all set to make your SEO powerful than ever.

8. Animoto

It is a great way to drive customers to your website with videos that describe about your products/services. Target audience with powerful videos. You can do it yourself from the scratch by choosing a template and drag and drop your photos or videos right into your project with Animoto. More importantly, quickly adjust colors, fonts, music to match the style of content. Finally, share and engage more customers.

9. Zapier

Seamless integration is what makes a better working environment. Zapier has been designed to automate workflows by connecting your web apps automatically. This enables you to focus on your most important job. Using this great tool you can set to start workflow with triggers and actions.

10. Todoist

Todoist just keep track of everything in one place and lets you free from keeping all things on your head. It makes your life easy by collaborating on projects and assign tasks to your team wherever you are. You never get lost track of any important task and get a clear overview of what’s going on with the project. Also you can set daily or weekly goals and can recognize the productivity trends.

Your digital marketing undoubtedly need a push to drive more traffic and customers. Taking advantage of these digital marketing tools help you increase conversions across your website. Higher rankings on search engines, high response rate, high brand awareness, larger customer base and better visibility will place your business on top. If you are on the hunt for better ways to reach to more audience, Texol is here to help you.