Digital Marketing

Being the leading Digital marketing service providers in India and Saudi Arabia, texol has helped to transform numerous business from it's budding stages to being acknowledged internationally. We carefully analyze your business and work in hand to hand with you to achieve the best results for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or otherwise, Search Engine Optimization is the core of digital marketing and it can do wonders to your business by attracting exponential traffic to your business by carefully tweaking and fine tuning your business website. Our highly skilled SEO experts make sure you leave all your competition to dust when it comes to page ranking in search engine results.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become an inevitable part of our lifestyle. texol leverages social media platforms to effectively boost and promote your business by using specially developed clever strategies after thoroughly analyzing your business and your competition.

Digital Advertising

By digitally advertising your brand and business, texol promises to make your business reach out to where it should. Instead of advertising to the masses, we carefully target the audience to give more impact for the advertisement and turn them into loyal customers. This ensures maximum ROI for your business.