Artificial Intelligence is the next big leap in technology prophesied to have a wide impact on our world in the near future. Every business is eventually going to revolve around the  AI technologies in one way or the other. Texol develops futuristic AI applications that will effectively boost your business charts by using machine learning and clever implementations. We use Artificial Intelligence to predict customer interests by analyzing the patterns that helps you target your customers more effectively.

Texol’s algorithms have the capability to detect patterns in data and then build dynamic audience profiles based on these patterns. Marketers often make use of  Texol's machine learning skills to run thousands of experiments. Texol’s AI powered software has the skill to understand a user’s facial expressions, voice tone and verbal patterns and then proactively persevere with the conversation and make fruitful suggestions.

AI Consultancy Service

As a well known player in the field of AI, Texol provides consultancy services in the areas of machine learning, data science, deep learning and NLP.  Our machine learning software development services involve creating self learning algorithms that can minimize errors and maximize accuracy with time. Systems powered by ML analyze data and learn new things from them which results in fast and reliable insights delivered without any human intervention.

As an artificial intelligence consulting company we can help you spot AI opportunities and eliminate barriers to AI innovation. With our expertise in applied AI and software development you can build intelligent systems that replicate human tasks but do these tasks quicker and cheaper, anytime and anywhere.

We provide data science services to help our partners find patterns in data and extract relevant insights by using statistical methods. The types of tasks our big data specialists solve in data science include data collection, data processing, building predictive models using machine learning algorithms, and deployment.

Technology will continue to expand into the core aspects of every industry. That is the primary reason why Artificial Intelligence should be given a vital role in deciding the strategy of organizations. We analyze your business and find how AI can potentially transform your business by collecting data insights provided by our sophisticated AI tools.

Customer Retention

In today’s hyper connected, always-online world, companies are looking at AI to help them understand and overcome the challenges of marketing and customer engagement. Customers are finicky, and a slew of competitors are waiting to beat you if your product falls a little short of customer expectations. Today’s brands need to engage customers in a contextual and timely manner in order to succeed.

Dirty data, unstructured data, data that is hard to access – converting large amounts of these troublesome data into meaningful information is a challenge we can help you solve. We collect raw data, examine and segment them, and deliver it to you in a suitable format so you can collate this information and generate insights.

With the help of our services for customer retention, we can easily identify unsatisfied customers and take effective steps to solve their issues. We get your customer data set and effortlessly find flaws in your products.

AI Products Development

Texol provides AI products development for our partners who want to apply smarter solutions to their business problems. Together we open up new AI opportunities that can – in a very real way – change the future.

Texol aims to provide computerized support to various tasks in developing products that currently rely on human experience. New technologies based on machine learning have been recently recognized as important in research and development of AI. By applying machine learning that predicts data to be acquired in the future with a certain accuracy, we can obtain efficient and less-variable judgment and eliminate conventional work depended on personal knowledge or experience. We develop customized AI applications using the latest artificial intelligence technology that makes use of Python. By using open source AI tools, we speed up our development and our custom AI products will be ready for you in no time.

Chatbot Implementation

Technically speaking, a chatbot is a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. Though I wouldn’t say a Chatbot can resemble a human being in every way, certainly a Chatbot is capable of replacing some of a human being’s mundane conversation related tasks and is predicted to do more than just this in the near future. 

Advantages of using chatbots are improved customer service, increased customer engagement and cost savings. Also chatbots regularly monitor consumer data and gain insights which eventually result in better lead generation, qualification and nurturing. 

With the aid of advanced natural language processing, Texol’s customized chatbots will be able to answer most of the customer queries, thereby reducing human effort and costs. Our Chatbots are highly intelligent and can mimic the experience of chatting with a real person.