A mobile app as the name suggests, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or watch. Though mobile apps were initially just intended to function to provide a subordinate level support to web applications, the scenario is a lot more different nowadays. Nowadays a mobile app can almost perform upto 90% of the tasks that a web site can do. Also most people prefer to use a mobile app over a website due to the convenience of getting tasks done more easier and faster. 

It goes without saying these days that mobile apps have taken over the digital realm. There’s an app for literally every use these days such as for booking a taxi, ordering food, booking tickets, transfer money and what not. Mobile apps nowadays have become powerful enough to accomplish almost everything under the sun. People nowadays rely heavily on the mobile apps to get their things done. That is exactly the reason why your business also needs a mobile application right now. No business can survive today’s fierce market competition just by having a website alone; they need to diversify to mobile app as well. 

Mobile Platform

We are counted as among the most well established mobile app development companies in Kochi. We develop mobile apps ranging from consumer-focused to game-changing B2B applications. We build futuristic mobile app solutions for today’s challenging business problems by adapting the latest technologies. Though till recently, our competitors were developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android, we are one of the very few companies to take the plunge to foray into the unfamiliar territory of hybrid mobile app development as we had the foresight to realize that it is going to be a thing of the future. We develop mobile apps using React Native technology. We’ve also recently started research on Flutter and will soon start to develop mobile apps based on Flutter as well. The mobile apps that we develop can be used  on both iOS and Android devices. 

Rapid Prototyping

Instead of waiting for ages to come up with a useful prototype demo, only to get reiterated again to incorporate upcoming latest trends and changes, we instead as an alternative, speed up the prototyping processes by using clever new technologies like Invision Studio tool to develop mockable live demos of the mobile application to give our customers the look and feel behaviour of the mobile application before we actually develop the application. This saves a huge deal of time and reduces costs of development. We use Agile process to achieve our mobile development targets. 

Hybrid App Development

If 10 years back, developing native mobile Apps for iOS/Android/Windows Mobile cell phones was the general norm; now developing mobile apps using Hybrid technologies like React Native and Flutter is the latest trend which is gaining acceptance widely. Though hybrid technologies like Cordova, Ionic, and PhoneGap were introduced about 7 years back, they didn’t receive much acceptance among developers as React Native and Flutter technologies are receiving right now.  Currently Texol, as a highly professional company, we make use of the latest React Native hybrid mobile platform to develop mobile applications that not only looks elegant but also functions smooth as butter and can run effectively on iOS/Android platforms and simultaneously having the same advantages of peer native applications developed on iOS/Android. React Native allows code sharing, which essentially means, there is no need to write separate code for both android and ios platforms. A single codebase developed using Javascript can be used to build both Android and iOS applications that looks consistent across devices and thereby reducing the development time in half. Recently we’ve also set up a dedicated research team to develop small sized Apps using Flutter, another recently launched hybrid mobile development platform launched by Google to compete with React Native. Depending upon the technical and economical feasibility we might even start to develop mobile Apps in Flutter depending upon client requirements. 

From Concept to Reality

Do you have a mobile app idea that could transform the world but don’t know where to start? At Texol, we turn concepts into realities. Our highly skilled team of mobile app developers and back-end developers make sure you get a flawless mobile application according to your specifications and requirements. If you have a concept of even a half baked idea, no need to hesitate; just walk into our office and we could discuss it with our experts.