Mobile Platform

It goes without saying that mobile apps have taken over the digital realm. There’s an app for everything these days. The mobile apps have become powerful enough to almost everything. People rely heavily on the mobile apps to getting things done. That is exactly the reason why your business also needs a mobile application right now!

Rapid Prototyping

Instead of waiting for ages to come up with a prototype demo, only to get reiterated again, we speed up the prototyping processes by using clever new technologies like invision studio tool to develop mockable live demos of the mobile application to give our customers the look, feel and behaviour of the mobile application before we actually develop the application. This saves a huge deal of time and reduces costs of development.

Hybrid App Development

We use the latest React Native platform to develop mobile applications that not only looks elegant but also functions smooth as butter. React Native allows code sharing, which essentially means, there is no need to write separate code for both android and ios platforms. The single codebase can be used to build both Android and iOS application that looks consistent across devices and thereby reducing the development time in half.

From Concept to Reality

Do you have an app idea that could transform the world but don’t know where to start? At texol, we turn concepts to realities. Our highly skilled team of mobile app developers and backend developers make sure you get a flawless mobile application according to your specifications and requirements.