ERP Solutions

ERP’s are the essential ingredient for the growth of any business in the 21st century. As business begins to scale up, it will be almost impossible to keep up the manual records and it will be a tedious job. That’s where ERPs make sense. ERPs are designed to make your lives simpler and will take away the pain in managing a business. Being leaps and bounds ahead in ERP development, texol provides customizable tailor-made ERP solutions for your business.

Safe and Secure

With cloud ERP, your data is always backed up and protected by the means of latest security standard to give you great peace of mind.

Highly Customizable

Our ERP Solutions are highly customizable to suit your specific needs and requirements. Our ERPs will seamlessly integrate with your business flow to give an exponential boost in employee productivity and revenue by streamlining and automating a lot of tasks.

Cloud Ready

Our ERP’s are integrated with cloud technology, thus allowing you to take control of your business from anywhere around the world. It also reduces the risk of data loss by accident.