6 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical For Your Business

Post Date: February 18, 2019   Tags: ,    Author: Arun Laxman  
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It is no more a secret among the Marketers the Social Media have been exponentially increasing the business exposure. Regardless of what your product and service domain is, Social Media Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate leads and building strong brand awareness.

1. You get to target your audience

Regardless of your industry, there is no doubt that your potential customers are already using Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook provides various tools like audience targeting which allows you to target and display your posts to people who exhibit or pass certain characteristics.

It gives maximum value for money since the posts are being shown only to the relevant audience.

2. Boosts traffic significantly

No matter how good your website content is, if you don’t use Social Media Marketing, people will discover your website only if they search for your products or your services. But in the case of Social Media, new posts will be regularly updated to your audience’s feeds, causing it to be re-shared, liked and ultimately boosting the traffic to your website.

3. Best way to connect and interact with the customers

Customers are always loyal to the brands who take their time to interact with their customers. Social media has made this very simple. From setting up automated responses to getting feedback from the customers, can be achieved in a few steps using the power of social media.

4. Helps you understand your customers

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide analytics and insights to the behavioural patterns of your audience. What products they like most, which posts are being shared the most, moreover, it also helps you to understand their personal characteristics like their hobbies, their shopping patterns etc. all these data can be used to tune your product or services towards the targeted customers.

5. Cost-effective

Unlike traditional advertising channels, social media is the best channel to reach out to more audience and offers more value for the money spent. Audience targeting ensures your advertisements are only shown to the relevant users, unlike TV or NewsPaper. For example, you can reach up to 5000 people for as low as 2 dollars using the Facebook ad campaigns. Pretty sweet right?

6. Better SEO rankings

Social media presence and activeness have already become a vital part of Google’s page ranking algorithm. Optimizing your website and updating your blog won’t do the trick anymore. You really need to be out there on social media, constantly updating new posts, otherwise, your SEO score will slowly start to diminish.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing has proven to be essential for startups as well as established brands. A well laid out Social media marketing strategy will lead to improved SEO, better brand loyalty, boosted traffic, healthier customer satisfaction and much more. Odds are that your competition is already leveraging the Social media platforms. If you haven’t started yet, it is never too late to get out there on Social media.