The Beginners Guide To SEO: How To Optimise Your Web Site For Search Engines

Post Date: June 1, 2019   Tags: , ,    Author: Arun Laxman  

You might have just launched your business website with all the relevant information with elegant UI and UX, but is doesn’t stop there, it is needless to say that you need to attract as much as online traffic as possible, or in other words, you need to optimise your website for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for your business website because it is going to have direct impact on where exactly does your website rank in the search page results of the popular search engines like Google and Bing. Lucky for you, there are a lot of things that you can do to optimize your website to rank higher in the results.

Create Valuable Content for your Website

There’s an old saying in the internet realm.”Content is King” it holds true down to this day. If you need, more traffic, you really need to have quality content in your website. And therefore, if you want to optimize your website for search results, valuable content is a must. A quality content could mean articles, information, links or anything that gives useful information and value for the visitors. On other terms, you need to make sure your visitors are getting useful information from your website that is hard to obtain from anywhere else. In the ocean of websites, the users have plenty to choose from. If you have the right content on your website, you are on the correct path to ranking higher in search results.

Distribute Keywords Wisely

Keywords play a huge role when optimizing your website to rank higher in the results page of search engines.Keywords represent what your business has to offer to your customers. Those are the magical words people type it into the search engine to obtain results. So it is crucial to spread out your keywords throughout every page of your website. For example, if you are a tiles and sanitary ware store owner, your top keywords would be tiles. Sanitarywares, floor tiles, along with your region name because people are most likely to associate tiles and sanitaryware to their local region to find out the closest distributors to source from. There are various online tools that can suggest top keywords according to your business. So make the best of these services. Keywords helps users to find exactly what they are looking for when surfing through the internet. Texol can help you obtain the maximum traffic by distributing the right keywords with the right keyword density throughout your website to boost SEO.

Create a Luring Meta Description

A meta description is a short description mostly consisting of one or two sentences at the maximum to describe what you are offering in your website and what your website is all about. The meta description can play a key factor in deciding whether people would click on your website link or not. A good meta description can catch the attention of the users and can lure them to visiting your website. It is also important to inject the right keywords to your meta description to rank higher in the results page. So in short, having a short and well written meta description is crucial for creating a recurring traffic and loyal customers to your website.

Match The URL Address To Reflect the Content of Your Website

Incase you didn’t already know, URL is the address that goes on top of the website’s homepage and entered into the address bar on top of the web browsers. It is very crucial to create a URL that aligns with the service you offer through your website. If you are selling tiles, you should have tiles in your URL address. It allows users to see what are you selling at a simple glance at your URL address. By making it easier for people to know about your services, you can attract more visitors. Besides, popular search engines also considers this as a factor in deciding the page ranking order.

Use Interesting Images in Your Website

Images can be used to give more information and add good experience for people when they visit your website. Images can often communicate more than words can’t. The images needs to visually pleasing to look at and should match with the rest of the content and website. Images will force the users to stay on your website for longer. The longer they stay, the more likely they will buy your product or use your services. By providing keywords in the alt tags of the images, your images will come up in the google images search also. The google images search can also contribute towards higher traffic. The more, the better.

Update your Content Regularly

You want your visitors to come back to your website craving for more and make them loyal customers. It wouldn’t be any good if they come back to find the same old content without any updations. That is why you always need to keep your content up to date by following the latest trends. If you are an ecommerce website owner, you need to update your inventory every few days and add new products every now and then to give something new for your customers.

Eliminate Spelling and Grammar Errors on Your Website

The spelling and Grammar errors are going to give a severe negative impact than you think. Apart from the fact that search engine giants like Google will rank you lower, your visitors would also be baffled by the low quality content in your website. On the other hand, if you take good care of the content and always proofread the content of your website, the visitors will regard your website as legitimate and can give a strong impression to the visitors.

Link your Website with Social Media Accounts

Search Engines have begun to check for social media affiliations and popularity of the social media pages to rank the websites. By properly linking your website with your social media accounts, you can take advantage by gaining more popularity for your social media accounts from the visitors of your website. Likewise, you can use your social media pages to gain more traffic to your website by sharing the website content through social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.