How To Boost Website Traffic Using Social Media

Post Date: March 14, 2019   Tags:    Author: Arun Laxman  
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It is not very surprising to hear that social media can boost the website traffic for your business. People are spending way too much time on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Your targeted audience is already there online. The question that really matters is what have you actually done about it?

For starters, social media can help you build a strong brand awareness, cultivate a network around your business, and develop a strong foothold for your business.

I will share some of the most effective ways to utilize social media for driving great amount of traffic to your website.

1. Target Your Audience

Like any marketing campaign, marketing will only be effective when reached to the right customers. There is no point in marketing your product or business to people who have no interest in them. Fortunately, social media platforms like facebook has out of the box options to specifically target people with certain criterions. This makes sure your campaigns are visible to only the relevant customers.

2. Share Informative Content

While scrolling through the feed, users will be curious and tempted to open links containing informative content. If the content is good enough, then the users will make your job easier by re-sharing your posts with their friends. A quality content will get a good number of shares, exponentially boosting your website traffic.

3. Post when your audience is online.

What good is a post when there is no one to read it? When you are posting to social media, you have to make sure your target audience is active at that time. For social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, it is better to post at the peak time which is around 8 PM on weekdays. For Linkedin, the peak time is around 9 to 10 AM when professionals will be browsing through the LinkedIn feed before they really start to work.

4. Share Visual Content

If your content is text only, no matter how useful or interesting the content may be, the chances are that your posts are most likely to be missed when user is scrolling through the feed endlessly. Sharing a visual content is the best way to preventing your customers from missing your posts. Also, studies show that visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media can help you build a strong brand awareness than other types of content. To add more, tweets with images have received a whopping 150% more retweets than those without.

5. Interact With Your Customers

Customers love it when they receive replies and messages from the brand they like on social media platforms. It builds a strong trust and loyalty between the business and the customers. If your customers are sending queries, you really must find the time to answer them. Customer engagement will provide recurring customers for your website and business which is highly beneficial in the long run.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags is a brilliant way of exposing your content and brand to a much wider audience. By using the right set of hashtags, your posts will pop up on r levant search results on the social media. It will also be served to the people who are following those hashtags even though they are not following you.

Make sure your workout these tips in your social media strategy to receive a significant boost for your website traffic from social media platforms.