Why Django Is The Perfect Choice For Modern Web Applications

Post Date: April 17, 2019   Tags: ,    Author: Arun Laxman  
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Django, a Python-based framework is one of the most loved web frameworks all over the world. The popularity of the Django web framework only seems to be climbing upwards. There’s a lot of good reasons behind this recent affinity towards Django development. Here we tell you what makes the Django so great.

1. Rapid Development

Django was designed primarily with one target in mind. To speed up the development process. That’s exactly what Django does. Setting up a Django project is fairly easy and Django will do most of the heavy lifting. This is very useful for beginners as well as experienced developers. It takes considerably less time to develop a web application in Django and thereby reducing development cost significantly.

2. Out Of The Box Features

This is the most loved feature of Django and what makes it stand out from the rest. Django comes with so many out of the box features that you would normally wish to have in a web framework. It includes a well-built admin panel where you can perform CRUD operations for debugging or testing purposes. It also have a well structured and secure user management system. If you need to have a custom user authentication system, all you need to do is extend the built-in system provided by Django. There’s no need to hussle with setting up sessions and salting passwords etc. Django will do it for you.

3. Security

In modern web frameworks, security is a big concern. Fortunately, Django checks all the right boxes in terms of security. It also provides built-in protection against Cross Site Scripting attack and SQL injection attacks. Unlike many other web frameworks like Spring MVC and Code Igniter, Django templating engine works in such a way that you can’t put logic inside the templates. The logic will always be separated from the templates.Article Sponsored Find something for everyone in our collection of colourful, bright and stylish socks. Buy individually or in bundles to add color to your sock drawer!

4. Strong ORM Support.

Django supports almost all databases. You only need to specify the connection details to the database. Django will abstract the database schemas and will provide an easy to use ORM interface with the database. It can also work efficiently with legacy databases and can inspect the database and generate its corresponding ORM information accordingly.

5. Has Its Own Web Server

With Django, you don’t need to configure a web server by yourself. Django comes packaged with a small web server instance that can handle the staging or demo operations for development before moving to production.

6. It’s Based on Python.

Python is relatively a new language but is loved by the developer community for its simple syntax and readability. It must be also mentioned that there is a huge open source collection of python packages that can be used with the Django framework and it continues to grow exponentially.

7. Free and Open Source.

Last but not least, Django is a free and open source web framework. It is classified as a “copy left” software allowing you to further develop on the framework without having to worry about any legality issues. Django is currently backed by a strong open source community promising a bright future ahead.