Flutter Marks the Beginning of Gen-Next Application Development

Post Date: January 29, 2021   Tags:    Author: texol  

Flutter is an open-source framework released by Google in 2017. Flutter enables the creation of mobile applications in android and iOS with a single codebase and hence called a cross-application developer.

Why is Flutter very popular among application developers?

Flutter is oriented towards developing applications that resonate with end-users. It focuses on attractive designs, easy navigation, interactive animations, and overall top-notch performance. Flutter usage grew like a forest fire and become the second most preferred developing language in 2020.

Why Flutter?

Flutter is in trend because of the following reasons:

Cross-platform application development

The main specialty of Flutter is its single code base used to develop applications on different platforms like iOS and Android. Flutter enables its developers to save time and increases efficiency.

Easy to learning

For a developer who is well versed in Java language, learning Flutter is a cakewalk. A developer experienced with Flutter gets a good start in interviews.

Eyecatching User Interface

Flutter is famous for its attractive designs and top-notch performance. So the developers are guaranteed to create the most wonderful User interface for the end-users. Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit used to build beautiful and natively compiled applications for mobile, desktop, and web from one programming language.

Flutter has a layered architecture that allows customized design & fast rendering. The application developers create and operate widgets that are the visual blocks of the application. The widgets enable seamless navigation, icon customization, easy scrolling, fonts & sizes. The developers can create stretchy headers that are innovative and customizable.

Fast development

Flutter is well known for its Hot Reload option. This option enables developers to preview the code as they are developing it. Also, the developers can make changes on the go. Flutter 1.20 is the biggest release to enhance the design and ease of coding.

Cost and Time Effective

Widgets in Flutter can create an amazing compilation of media and animation. Flutter can help startups create apps fast and uphold the originality of their brand through brilliant UI/UX design. Flutter reduces the time taken for app development. Hence the apps developed using Flutter are affordable.

Desktop and Web App Capabilities

Flutter combines mobile and web development with single technology with different operating systems. This is done without compromising performance. Flutter mobile apps enabled with Google have web support, meaning web view control allows view and display dynamic content without rewriting. The most popular feature in flutter is the desktop. Flutter supports Linux desktop apps & macOS. The Windows platform support is currently under development.

Flutter AR Capabilities

Flutter supports AR. Flutter AR Apss can be developed using Unity AR Foundation & ARKit offered by Apple. 3D and games can be made more realistic by adding a Unity 3D widget into your flutter project.

Is Flutter good for your business?

A Big Yes!! Flutter saves time and cost for businesses, especially for startups. Flutter comes with many amazing functionalities, widgets, and tools that risk and saves your company any monetary losses. As Google’s Fuchsia OS works perfectly fine with Flutter you can ensure smooth product development. Flutter is very popular for quality and seamless integration.If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

So, Flutter is a goto and affordable solution for a company as there are no major risks, you get the advantage of advanced technology and helps you keep your apps in trend with the future.