QTerminals is a prominent cargo terminal operating company operating in Qatar with a credible track record in delivering container, general cargo, RORO, livestock and offshore supply services from Hamad Port - which is officially recognized as Qatar’s gateway to international world trade. The company is focused on enhancing Qatar’s imports and exports, its maritime trade flows and thereby stimulating economic growth locally and regionally.

Established on its vision to facilitate cargo movement seamlessly, improve productivity, and offer value-added services, QTerminals aims to become the best cargo terminal operator in the Arabian Gulf region in terms of overall quality of service and client satisfaction. Their vision is to be recognized internationally as the most reliable terminal operator and a facilitator for the continued economic growth of Qatar.


With an idea to draw more clients and increase business, the client pushed for a new website with texol. A well-crafted website opens the door for better business, and hence texol joined in to build a new website for QTerminals focusing on their core needs. The prerogative was to offer opportunities for visitors to easily navigate and get into the business with terminals. They also wanted the site to be user friendly and have multilingual facility with support for both English and Arabic languages.


The website needs to have a good look and feel. It must be designed in the line of modern trends and should be captivating. Apart from an appealing visual content, the website should also be easily navigable and should also accommodate new features such as a section for job seekers to apply for jobs. texol took up this challenge with ease. Our team of professional team designed the website with an aesthetic sense. We were also able to integrate new features into the website without compromising on appearance.


The reason for selecting texol was due to its vast expertise in the web development domain. It was crucial for texol to build a framework within the website that describes the various business functions and procurement dealings of QTerminals bolstered with a mobile-friendly UI and UX. This makes the users accomplish various functional tasks across platforms and services with aesthetically and compelling interfaces for user interaction.

To accomplish the client goals and needs, texol created a custom design with a look and feel that accurately aligns with the client's needs and appealing to their various prospects. Furthermore, the implementation of this site would enable QTerminals to focus on a well crafted navigation, search functionality, and procurement tactics. In addition, the site was built to accommodate new features as per the advent of new requirements. It also features a provision to list job vacancies with an application form where the job seekers can apply to various positions when jobs being announced. The option for listing the latest news and events, photo gallery, and video gallery provides the client the opportunity to post events, news, images, and videos of their own.

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Technology and Security

Texol developed a solution using the appropriate technology platforms. We effectively fulfilled client requirements using HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Jquery, and Wordpress. We realized the need to pursue an adapted approach to create solutions from scratch. This allowed us to meet exactly what had been demanded by the client impeccably. texol helped to effectively implement the site conforming to the defined standards, at low cost and time, and without any errors.

Wordpress proved to be effective in realizing various functions as required by the customer. texol accomplished the crucial task of uplifting for the customer by incorporating custom components so as to offer a smoother web experience to clients and customers. Taking advantage of elements and principles of CSS, we were able to implement a solution that is responsive across all platforms, allowing for a more unified user experience.

Wordpress being the Content Management System used, it allows the client to manage content as per their wish, thereby giving more flexibility to their jobs, such as managing the news and events and uploading videos and images. When it comes to security, the site is enriched with advanced security features that enable it to confront any outside attacksAlso, it is well equipped with security plugins so as to ensure protection from hackers, malware and other malpractices.

  • Qterminals Wireframe
  • Qterminals Wireframe


Ever since the site’s launch, QTerminals has enjoyed tremendous success. The client realized that their new site gave them the thrust to have a strong presence in the online space. By providing the best experience using the latest technology stack and Content Management System we successfully crafted the site by complying exactly with the client requirements. This enabled users of the site to get into their business quite easily . texol synchronized and grouped all elements effectively for a smooth search, navigation, and better mobile and user experience.

And finally, regardless of the complexity of the project is, texol has always been capable of coming up with innovative solutions with precise and clear coding, thereby shaping the usage of the product as a gratifying experience for the users and clients.

  • Qterminals Wireframe
  • Qterminals Wireframe

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