AMNCO is specialized to offering comprehensive private security services to both government and private organizations across Saudi Arabia. Aimed at providing highest levels of security, AMNCO offers security consulting, risk assessment and security solutions to public, private sectors and civilians even. The company has more than five thousand employees working, and has 19 branches operative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Managing activities such as employee data, recruitment, payroll, attendance, implementation and integration of certain workforce processes has been quite cumbersome to do it manually and sometimes these activities are hard to manage with a standalone application. Management would be easy if the business has a dedicated ERP that can well integrate these workflows that creates a cool work environment. Here comes the need for an effective ERP that absolutely fulfill the AMNCO needs.

The Requirements

It is important to ensure the easy management of business processes and its data in an organization. Storing employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment processes, and keeping track of employee attendance, doing it manually continue to consume time and resources and is error prone even. Automating the workflows are in fact a reliable solution to help organizations unburden the hassles of manual processing. Aiming at various workflow integration AMNCO take on texol with various requirements to accomplish the goals. The company has the requirements including:

  • Manage employee’s data and recruitment, payroll, employee self-service portal, attendance.
  • Implement their own policy in the system
  • Integrate with the attendance machine
  • Want to connect all 19 branches and 3 Business units and process the payroll and HR data
taskforces erp
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The Solution

Adhering to client requirements, texol brilliantly come up with solution using ERP “Taskforce” that effectively integrates various workflows of their business. Taskforce ERP is much more focused into their needs which provide comfortable working environment and support out of the box approach.

What is Taskforce ?

Taskforce is essentially an Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) designed and developed by texol that allows a business or organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage various business processes such as the HR management, sales management, asset management etc… The custom product helps navigate the business challenges with ease, increased ROI and lowest TCO.

Client Benefits

  • The software has been customized to provide best end-user experience with easy to use menus and buttons.
  • Processing of 8000 plus employee’s data made easier and without any delay.
  • Speedy transfer of large data such as the employee list and all
  • All the data is centralized now
  • Payroll creation made faster and easier
  • Sending pay slips, Greetings, Notifications and Announcement for all 5000 plus employees.
  • Customized ERP that adheres to Saudi government HR policy
  • Now employees can access employee self-service portal
  • Users can generate custom report and export to excel for latest use
taskforce erp
taskforce erp

How it helped them ?

AMNCO has been on an exciting journey after the implementation of Taskforce from texol. Unlike before the company is on top of their new redefined role. The implementation of employee self-portal and the integration of attendance system within the system enable business to gain control of all the 5000 plus employee’s data of 19 branches and 3 business unit as well to successfully process the payroll and HR data without any error. With the ERP, the business is able to achieve:

  • Intelligent level of reporting
  • Automate HR processes and improve employee collaboration
  • Employee self-service
  • Eliminating human error
  • Enhance efficiency/productivity
  • Increased revenue, accelerate business growth
  • Maximize return on employee investment
  • Improve business performance.
taskforce erp
  • mirosoft .net
  • c sharp
  • microsof api
  • visual basic

TaskForce – Key Features

  • Scalable and Flexible & 360 Degree Customizable
  • Secure: Role based or user based permissions
  • Fully integrated using web services and SOA
  • User-based shortcuts
  • Multi-tab user interface
  • Configurable language (English/Arabic) for each user
  • Notifications & Alarms
  • Keyboard navigation for faster operation

Technology and Benifits

Texol has always been a frontrunner in developing solutions with suitable technology platforms in accordance with the client requirements. We effectively fulfilled the requirements using .NET framework and SQL as the backend technology. With the technologies, Texol opened the doorway to effectively and quickly retrieve/analyze/manage a huge amount of employee data from across different branches that too within well-defined standards, at high speed and without any error. This made the client’s job easier than they thought.

The .NET framework which is known for its reliability, works on object-oriented programming platform that makes the coding easier for the developers.

Some other benefits include

  • Less coding
  • High security
  • Makes deployment easier post development
  • Reliable and stable performance
  • Usage across platforms and languages
  • 1 Requirement Analysis
  • 2Customer UAT
  • 3Costomization
  • 4Post Costomization UAT
  • 5Testing & QA
  • 6Manage

texol capability and team

At Texol, our core ERP team managed to seamlessly integrate processes within business through customization using Taskforces. This gave an edge to AMNCO to leverage its resources efficiently and effectively. Texol carefully reviewed client requirements and brought up a solution that enabled the company to manage its workforce at every level and achieve integration within the system in compliance with the HR guidelines of Saudi Arabia. This solution became a significant drive to maximize performance and return on employee investment for the company.

This case study is a proof of how a large company such as AMNCO found a suitable way to efficiently manage such a large workforce and its various processes through Texol.