WorkforceTime™ is designed to help organizations improve employee productivity in a smart and efficient way. Dealing with employee attendance is always a hard nut to crack for most organizations. WorkforceTime™™ brings you peace of mind by leveraging existing infrastructure and BYOD. No more latency or hygiene concerns of using traditional biometrics devices. Long queues for your attendance marking is a thing of the past. No matter whether you are offline or online, your attendance status (At Work, Absent, Late In, Early Out, Overtime, etc.) is marked automatically the very moment when you enter your office or go out of office! Employees are registered only once for an entire site/branch, even if they are in different time zones. Interesting product features such as Team Management, Company Information, News, and Personalized Alerts keep employees regularly informed and enable them to collaborate efficiently.

WorkforceTime™ is powered with a variety of functionalities that are essential for monitoring employees. This is a handy tool for managers on-site and on the go. The status of your field employee is also readily available to you in real time.