Executive Summary

General Directorate for Narcotics Control (GDNC) Saudi Arabia, focus attention on the need to combating drug menace prevalent at all levels. Awareness programs, preventive measures, and rehabilitation efforts continue to reach out to societal and community level and at the individual level even. In its effort to increase public awareness about drug control, GDNC wanted for an interactive kiosk with information on types of drugs, the damage it causes, drug definition, punishment, addiction, gallery and short quizzes.

They needed the survey in a way that the public can access information with ease and clarity and also the effectiveness with gallery and short quizzes for self-evaluation.

The Challenges

  • The core challenge was raising public awareness about the negative impacts of drug abuse
  • Public needed to be educated about the harmful impacts of Drugs addiction
  • Public needed to be warned against the strict penalties and punishment they will have to face if they chose to get engaged in any form of drug usage, selling or smuggling and prevent them from doing it.
  • An intuitive and interactive kiosk application was needed to be developed to make people interact with it gain awareness.

The Solutions

texol came up with a user friendly and intuitive Kiosk application with Arabic and English language support to reach out to more people.

  • Interactive display of menus for interaction between the user and application.
  • The menus were categorized efficiently for an easy navigation.
  • Interactive animations and effects were added to the application to engage the user and gain their attention.
  • Interactive display make it easy to cognize what is presented.
  • Image galleries were included to give a strong impression regarding drug abuse and their effects.
  • Instructions to break free from drug addiction was included to help people stop drug usage.
  • A short quiz was included for a self evaluation of the knowledge gain.


The kiosk has been developed using high-level interpreted dynamic programming language Python with fully server-side web framework Django. It enabled programmers to code in simple steps and addressed the flow of information in informative way. Python with its pure object-oriented design and processing capabilities contributed to the increased speed and productivity which helps to easily accomplish the solution. The changes in the website have been made by keeping the web security in mind.

The versatile features of python and its security features created a standard for itself in the web development. Python has got extensive support libraries and integration features that make it as a good option for building applications.

The Result

Combining content with technology, supported by operational efficiency, texol helped the client to build interactive kiosk that allow people to have access to informative infographics related to the type of drugs, the damage it causes to people, the cure, the punishment imposed for breaking the law, the definition of various drugs, various transitions of addiction to the drugs, addiction signs, treatment of addiction, and so. As well, we successfully enriched the project which brought in many features like the inclusion of gallery, short quizzes and more under one roof. And finally, the Kiosk is fool-proof which is loved by a larger audience.

Who will be benefitted?

The kiosk aimed at raising awareness of drug abuse, its detrimental effects, and punishments for the drug-related people (including the smugglers, dealers and the drug abuser) in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This Kiosk is useful to raise cognizance to both children and adults (including men and women) through simple and understandable visual representation of drug related information.